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MirrorMax TA NEO

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The First MirrorMax cover delivered in 1987

Since then, over 2.200 covers with MirrorMax technology have been delivered all over the world.
MirrorMax covers are used with super calenders, soft calenders and multi-nip calenders.

From long experience, we made continuous improvements to it. We started with static casting and evolved to the centrifugal casting which is used now.

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Yamauchi Front View

Yamauchi in Hasselt, Belgium

Bird's Eye

New MirrorMax factory in Hasselt Belgium

MirrorMax Factory

Totally new bonding system = NEO

Without base layer, having thickened sleeve thickness. Longer life time.

  • No more wound base layer
  • Usable thickness extends to 19mm, means longer life time
  • Improved heat resistance
  • Higher impact resistance
  • Stronger bonding strength


Our original production method and special resin compounding technology ensures excellent level of smoothness, surface stability, and stable gloss condition of calendering products. Furthermore by improving the production methods, we have achieved zero pin hole in cover as well as longer regrinding interval that makes stable production. For paper calendering application, our rolls are widely used in several applications not only for conventional Super calender or Soft Nip calender but also for Multi-nip calender with high temperature and high pressure operation in the world. For woven or non-woven calendering application, our rolls are also widely used for improving the air permeability, color-tone, gloss condition and the profile of products.

Strong Surface = Triple A (TA)

Extremely Higher Barring Resistance (Stronger Fracture Resistance)




Product Lineup

Produced by Yamauchi Corp. N.V.

MirrorMax NEO

MirrorMax NEO

Polymeric cover for soft calender, etc

Quaty-S - Coming soon

Quaty-S - Coming soon

Composite cover/sleeve for Textile, etc

High Top - Coming soon

High Top - Coming soon

has been developed originally by Yamauchi as the World's first Polyurethane roll

Surface Grade Lineup

We have various surface grade. You can choose depending on your requirements, temparatures, pressure levels

MirrorMax Grades

Our Product Specialists

Our Product Specialists.

Francis Manne

Product Manager

Philippe Bastin

Product Manager

Harald Jumelet

Product Manager

Other products

Yamauchi offers various other products

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Shoe Press Belt

Polyurethane Belt for Paper Machine

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Top Board

YOM Series Top Board Cushion Pad

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Apron for Textile Machine

Synthetic Rubber Aprons

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